Reporting Timelines

project-time-64x64The harvest schedule below highlights the important data submission harvest and adjudication dates for the current and near-term fiscal years. Hospitals must submit their first harvest by the first business day of the month. The records submitted for each quarter are based on the date the cardiac surgery or PCI procedure occurred on.

Semi-annually, Mass-DAC performs an adjudication of medical records related to the data submitted in the harvests.   Hospital data mangers receive a list of patient records to be included in the audit and the adjudication reviews occur about 6 weeks later.  Upon completion of the adjudication, analysis begins on the CABG and PCI annual reports which are released in February each year.

* The Harvest Start and Close-out days occur on the first business day of the month.
Calendar Year

* The Harvest Start and Close-out days occur on the first business day of the month.

Fiscal Year 2015: Oct 1, 2014 - Sep 30, 2015 Procedures

2014 Q4March 2015July 2015Apr-May 2016
2015 Q1June 2015October 2015Apr-May 2016
2015 Q2September 2015January 2016Sep-Oct 2016
2015 Q3December 2015April 2016Sep-Oct 2016

Fiscal Year 2016: Oct 1, 2015 - Sep 30, 2016 Procedures

2015 Q4March 2016July 2016Apr-Jun 2017
2016 Q1June 2016October 2016Apr-Jun 2017
2016 Q2September 2016January 2017Sep-Oct 2017
2016 Q3December 2016April 2017Sep-Oct 2017

Fiscal Year 2017: Oct 1, 2016 - Sep 30, 2017 Procedures

2016 Q4March 2017July 2017Apr-May 2018
2017 Q1June 2017October 2017Apr-May 2018
2017 Q2September 2017January 2018Sep-Oct 2018
2017 Q3December 2017April 2018Sep-Oct 2018