Hospital Feedback Reports

Throughout the year, Mass-DAC provides different types of feedback reports to the hospitals.  Most feedback type reports are sent back directly to the hospital, but some are only presented during data manger meetings or advisory committee meetings.  Below is a list of the types of feedback reports Mass-DAC creates:

  • Fiscal year bivariate report of risk factors and key registry variables
    [Sample PCI Report — CABG Report],
  • Preliminary hospital standardized mortality incidence rates (SMIR)
    [Sample PCI ReportCABG Report],
  • Multi-year trend reports comparing hospital averages to state averages,
  • National Quality Forum measures at the state level comparing all hospitals, de-identified,
  • Physician-specific 3-year computed SMIRs sent to individual physicians,
  • Updated mortality dates merged back to individual patient records,
  • Expected risk adjusted mortality results at the patient level corresponding to the annual report.

Custom Reports

Custom reports may also be requested by a hospital.  Each hospital may make one special request per fiscal year at no cost.  Additional request will be charged a fee.  Recent examples include:

  • Robotic surgeries compared to state average,
  • Complication risks,
  • Volumes for all STEMIs by fiscal year,
  • Risk adjusted mortalities at the patient level