Data Quality Reports

Each quarter, Mass-DAC generates about 100 data quality reports for all participating hospitals (24 in 2013). On average, Mass-DAC receives 2 or 3 data submissions from each hospital quarterly.  Each data submission is processed for completeness (e.g., all values filled in, only records for the quarter), validation (e.g., values in correct range), and consistency of related variables (e.g., city name and zip code agree with postal service tables).  If there are problems with the data, the hospitals will utilize the report to find the records and variables that need corrected values or validate the reported issue values are correct as entered, and then resubmit to Mass-DAC.
In addition to the quality checks, the following summaries are provided:

  • Type of records submitted, compared to the verification form,
  • Physician volumes by procedure type,
  • If multiple files are submitted, merge results are highlighted,
  • Physician volumes by case type; hospital should validate against independent source,
  • Detailed lists for all cases under the age of 18, mortalities, and for PCI compassionate use, and exceptional risk,
  • Feedback frequency tables for most variables, excluding key fields that are unique to each record,
    • PCI registry data, 300+ variables,
    • Cardiac surgery registry data, 700+ variables.

Additional technical details on the data submission process and reporting procedures can be found in the Data Manager-Data Submissions section.

Sample Cardiac Surgery Data Quality Report:

Sample PCI Data Quality Report: