PCI 30-Day Follow-up

PCI-30-day-mediumThe Massachusetts Department of Public Health will begin transitioning toward the public reporting of hospital risk-standardized 30-day mortality for PCIs during the coming year.  The transition will occur in phases and will require hospitals to collect new variables for 30-day mortality status beginning with procedures occurring October 1, 2014 or later.  Additional details on the new Mass-DAC specifications are available on the Data Manager – Data Submisssions – PCI Data page and in the data submission supplemental demographic file specifications.

Three new fields will be collected utilizing the three text reserved fields (ResTextA1, ResTextA2, and ResTextA3) defined in the original Mass-DAC version 4 specifications in 2009.

  1. ResTextA1: Patient 30-day follow-up mortality status [Mt30Stat]
  2. ResTextA2: Method used to validate 30-day status [Mt30StatMeth]
  3. ResTextA3: Date patient declared dead [DeathDate]

For the categorical fields, the numeric value must be submitted, not the text label, (e.g., 1 for the Alive mortality status).